Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Spanking

Empress Maria Theresa disciplines one of her daughters. Via Vive la Reine.
An unusual miniature depicting Maria Theresa disciplining one of her daughters by an unknown artist, 1750. I would guess from the fact that the other children are busy doing needlework (with one infant watching) that she was caught playing with the doll on the bottom center instead. 

The Deep Hate of the Deep State

From Stone Cold Truth:
Obama-hold-overs are also a very big problem, with many of Trump’s cabinet members not yet approved by the Senate. This is the way Washington D.C. works, slow and inefficient. Democrats are obstructing simple nominees for no apparent reason. The bureaucracy of the swamp has grown exponentially, especially under the last administration (when the EPA deemed a puddle as a body of water).

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a clearly defined deep state campaign to impeach President Trump, the expansion of the Russia probe is just the beginning. Not only is the deep state being defined by these leaks, but it is also defined by the Washington establishment, where back-scratching is the name of the game. Robert Mueller and Jim Comey are well known friends. There is a leak-campaign at the highest levels of our government to impeach the democratically-elected forty-fifth president of the United States: Donald J. Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on August fourth that the Department of Justice is ramping up its efforts to try to catch leakers and put them in prison. The Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats made it very clear that the leaking will not be tolerated, and leakers who are caught, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Attorney General Sessions also identified leakers as “criminals” which is extremely important. Sessions also said to the potential leakers: “don’t do it”. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats also made it very clear that the leakers who leak classified intelligence, will be hunted down, found, and prosecuted. (Read more.)

The Democrats: No Longer the Party of the Working Class

From The American Thinker:
The left abandoned reliance on workers even earlier in favor of getting money and power from misapplying the civil rights laws and staging shake-downs of corporate board rooms in the name of racial, sex, and homosexual grievances.  Still, Democrats continued to garner the support of organized labor, loyal to the party of FDR. The Democrat media complex is flummoxed by Trump's success among working people – they believe their own propaganda that Republicans are the party of the rich.  As I wrote after the last election, that is one big fat lie.
Education levels prove that Republicans are the party of America's middle and working class, while Democrats are the party of the extremes.  People who vote Democrat haven't graduated from high school or else tend to have post-graduate degrees. The majority of high school graduates, people with some college, and people with a college degree are Republican.  Education largely determines class in this country.  Argue with that one.
(Read more.)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Islam in Spain

Ferdinand and Isabella at the Gates of Granada
From Yahoo:
When the ominous maps first appeared two years ago, residents of Barcelona scoffed, if they noticed the tabloid news about their home at all. Drawn by ISIS, the maps showed Spain and Portugal in black, signifying territory controlled by the jihadi terror group. And the maps came with a promise: “We will take Spain back” — by 2020, ISIS said.

The threat centered on the long-ago empire of al-Andalus — the Islamic caliphate that began when Muslim warriors from North Africa, known as Moors, arrived on Spanish soil in the early eighth century, quickly running out the ruling Visigoths and extending Muslim rule across the Iberian peninsula, including Barcelona, on the Mediterranean coast close to present-day France.

Historians are enamored of Moorish culture and art, but for many Spaniards, the al-Andalus era is the nadir of their country’s history. The caliphate’s influence in southern Spain, Andalusia, where it lasted nearly eight centuries, is evidenced in both the region’s name and in stunning Islamic architecture such as Granada’s Alhambra palace. But the eighth-century Muslim occupation in the Northeast region of Catalonia lasted but 80 years and is nearly as forgotten as the chilling ISIS maps.

The maps suddenly seemed relevant again on Thursday, when, on one of Barcelona’s most-photographed and tourist-traveled sites, the wide pedestrian way called La Rambla, a white rental van jumped the curb and raced along the median walkway, swerving back and forth on a lethal ride that created a stampede of terrified tourists. Thirteen people were killed and scores injured in the attack, for which ISIS claimed responsibility.

Not long after, five suspected jihadis were killed by Spanish police in Cambrils, some 75 miles to the southwest, after they drove into a crowd of pedestrians, injuring seven. The attackers reportedly wore explosive belts, and police believe the original plan for La Rambla may have included explosives as well. Even with three alleged perpetrators arrested — the suspected van driver, 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir, whose Facebook page is said to have expressed a desire to “kill the unbelievers,” was still being sought Friday morning — the Rambla rampage raises troubling questions. How can authorities secure a pedestrian-friendly city famous for fiestas in huge squares and for streets like La Rambla, flanked by flower stalls and terraces serving up pitchers of sangria, where at any given moment, thousands of tourists can be found strolling along the tree-lined median of land that leads to the famous statue of Columbus pointing over the sea? (Read more.)

The Business Behind the Left’s Pay-to-Protest Scheme

From Lifezette:
A year ago, Breitbart reported that hacked Open Society Foundation documents showed that the George Soros-funded group gave Black Lives Matter groups $650,000. The Ford Foundation subsequently announced that it was launching a fundraising campaign to raise $100 million to support Black Lives Matter.

It's unclear how often individual protesters are paid a fee to protest, but regardless, the organizational side of the unrest is becoming big business. The movement first attracted attention with violence in the streets during the Ferguson riots. A raised fist brings notoriety, and notoriety brings in big money. It's a clear exchange.

Craig Shirley, a presidential historian, said he doesn't think the left-wing riots are anything new. It's just like the 60s, he says, only then it was the KGB funding some of the anti-war protests. Now it's George Soros and his Open Society Foundations and the Ford Foundation. We just don't hear about it. "The media is utterly and completely corrupt," he said. "There's no room for another point of view. There's only one point of view."

The protesters, explained Shirley, aren't anarchists — the term Antifa likes to use. They're Jacobins whose goal is the destruction of everything: family, faith and law and order, so that everybody can start from scratch with nothing — everybody except them. They will control the resources and enjoy the best of everything, as the Bolsheviks did in Russia, and the communists did in Cuba after the revolution.

The Black Lives Matter movement, and the many other "social justice" groups being funded by Soros, now have the money to not just pay protesters, but to employ full-time activists who can devote their lives to organizing, disrupting, and shutting down planned and permitted events whose organizers or speakers they find offensive, he said.

It's unknown how much Soros money is funding Antifa protesters. But there is hard evidence that paid protesters were instigating violence at Trump and Pence events during the presidential campaign. That evidence came in the form of a Project Veritas video where Bob Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, is seen and heard saying that his "role" in the Clinton campaign is to stage "events," wherever Trump and Pence are going to be, using consultants and people from the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign.
(Read more.)

The Shameful Blackout of Thomas, Sowell and Williams

The racism of the Left. From Town Hall:
Clarence Thomas, one of nine members of the Supreme Court and the second black to ever join the Court, is not in the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Asked to explain Thomas' absence, the chief spokeswoman for the Smithsonian said, "The museum's exhibitions are based on themes, not individuals."

Yet the museum plans to add a popular local D.C. television news broadcaster. The museum's founding director, Lonnie Bunch, said the broadcaster "symbolized that it was really important that America was changing and his presence was a symbol of that change." And Thomas, raised in poverty to become only the second black to sit on the Supreme Court, is not "a symbol of that change"?

Left-wing blacks -- and that's the overwhelming majority -- feel that black conservatives like Thomas do not just have different or wrongheaded or illogical views. Thomas' views, to them, damage the black community. Never mind that most Clarence Thomas-haters could not identify a single case Thomas decided with which they disagree.

One line of attack against Thomas goes as follows. Thomas "took advantage" of race-based preferences to get into college and law school, but then "turned his back on those behind" by arguing that such preferences violate the 14th Amendment.

What these critics assert is that but for race-based preferences, Clarence Thomas would likely be working the deep-fryer at McDonald's. Assume, for the moment, that but for race-based preferences, Thomas would not have gotten into the particular schools he attended, College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, and Yale Law School. But in America thousands of colleges and universities, from community colleges to Harvard, accept students of varying abilities with financial assistance readily available. Surely the driven, hardworking, academically oriented Clarence Thomas could have and would have found admission into schools matching his skills and ability. (Read more.)

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Real Motivation Behind Civil War Monuments

Two old veterans meet at Gettysburg
From Catholics4Trump:
You might then ask a leftist when any Southern town could have erected a Confederate statue or monument in history and not have had an automatic racist intent. As we know, the true answer is never. But in order to not appear unreasonable, the leftist will tell you, “Well, right after the war and before Jim Crow!”

Ah yes. From the war’s end in 1865 until the 1880’s, the South was a smoldering, devastated, defeated, destitute and wrecked former nation, in many places still under the control of the Union army. One can only imagine that after such an obliterating defeat and while suffering anarchical and poverty stricken conditions in many places, the first thing Southerners would do, instead of working to rebuild their homes, societies and lives, would be to raise millions of dollars and take years to build statues in honor of the generals that had just lost the war. Yes, only in the minds of liberal history majors in 2017 does this make sense.

In addition, if one steps back from following the Social Justice Warriors into the fever swamps of historical revisionism, one would begin to realize that their logic actually makes no sense.  For they make the elementary logical error of Post hoc ergo propter hoc. This is a logical fallacy that states “Since event Y followed event X, event Y must have been caused by event X.”

Thus, just because the boom in Confederate memorials took place from 1900-1918 does not prove it was a result of or in any way inspired by Jim Crow laws which began in the 1880’s and ended in the 1960’s. Instead, the leftists would need to show us hard causation evidence linking the two events. They can’t.

Since leftists believe every Southerner in the United States from 1776 to 2017 was and is a frothing at the mouth racist, you’d think they would easily be able to prove a racist motive from historical documents commissioning these statues and memorials, or perhaps racist speeches given at the dedication ceremonies in front of these memorials.

After all, if even one Southerner who took on the project of building monument to a Confederate general had expressed racist motives you’d expect the left to be plastering this document all over cyberspace. But yet, they have produced not one hint of this evidence.

Of special note is the year 1913, right near the beginning of the Confederate monument spike.  This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg where veterans of both sides of the war came together in a reunion of grand fashion. There was healing and forgiveness on both sides. Former Union and Confederate soldiers who earlier faced each other in the bloodiest war in American history stood side by side in reconciliation.

It is easy to forget that veterans who fought in that war were still alive at the time. Both sides saw its horrors. To a vast majority of Southern soldiers the motivation to fight was to defend their homeland from invasion and destruction. 98% of Southerners did not own slaves during the war, although plantation owners in the Union states of Kentucky, Delaware, and Maryland did. (Read more.)
Veterans shake hands on the 50th anniversary of Gettysburg


Selina Gray, the Heroine of Arlington

Selina Gray was Mrs. Robert E. Lee's personal maid whom Mrs. Lee left in charge of the Arlington house and plantation for the duration of the War Between the States. Selina, a formidable woman, famously told the occupying Union soldiers to keep their hands off of "Mrs. Lee's things." She is credited with saving the family portrait of George Washington, since Mary Custis Lee was the great-granddaughter of Martha Custis Washington. From The Washington Post:
When Robert E. Lee’s wife, Mary, fled Arlington House at the start of the Civil War, she gave her personal slave, Selina Norris Gray, the keys to the mansion and responsibility for the grand house the Lees had lived in for 30 years. Gray fulfilled her duties. She is famously credited with saving from marauding Union soldiers numerous heirlooms belonging to George Washington that were stored in the house.

Now the National Park Service, which administers Arlington House, has acquired what it says is a rare and previously unknown photograph of Gray and, apparently, two of her eight children. The photograph was spotted last month on the Internet auction site eBay by Park Service volunteer Dean DeRosa. The seller, in England, had found the photo in a box of “unwanted” pictures at a British version of a yard sale.

A Park Service statement said that its nonprofit partner, Save Historic Arlington House, bid on the photograph and, “against stiff competition,” won.

“This is a big deal,” National Park Service spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles said Thursday. “It’s in­cred­ibly rare to have photos of slaves that we can identify,” she said. “Since slaves were property, it’s really hard to identify the people in images like this. This is a priceless item to add to our collection.” She said the Park Service is sure the double image, which is identified on the back only as “Gen Lees Slaves Arlington Va,” depicts Gray, the older woman in the picture, and probably her children. The Park Service was able to compare the new photo with an identified photo of Gray already in its collection. Anzelmo-Sarles said the new photo is believed to have been taken outside Gray’s slave quarters at Arlington. (Read more.)